Hints, tips and remedies for cold sore sufferers. Join us in
the war against the Herpes Simplex virus.

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Time and patience are the best treatments for a cold sore

Gone for good: Avoiding recurrent cold sore outbreaks The cold sore virus is very easy to spread and is contagious from the first tingle right up until the outbreak has healed. To avoid passing a nasty cold sore on to others and to prevent re-infection, [...]

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Killing a cold sore

The conditions cold sores love A cold sore favours certain conditions within the body. The virus will replicate and grow if at least one of the following occurs:   High arginine levels Arginine is a protein which aids the cold sore virus. When arginine is [...]

Cold sore treatment: Soothing pain

Taking the ‘ouch’ out of your outbreak One of the worst aspects of getting cold sores is the pain and discomfort they cause. It’s hard to forget about a great big blister erupting on your lip when it’s constantly itching and burning. The pain of [...]

Cold sore prevention – your diet is first defence

Prevent cold sores with these super foods For many, cold sores are an unpleasant part of life. Those who suffer from recurring cold sores will know how painful and frustrating they can be. Not only are you faced with the prospect of a week or [...]