About Cold Sore Cures

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Clued up on cold sores

Here at Cold Sore Cures some might say we know too much about the HSV1 virus – from all the negative stuff such as the irritation, the indignity, the dread, the discomfort and the embarrassment to the positive stuff such as the dietary measures, the preventative steps, and the products you can use to both keep cold sores at bay and lessen their duration and severity.

Too much nonsense

Unfortunately, there is a lot of nonsense on the web regarding possible cures and treatments for cold sores, but here at Cold Sore Cures we know that there are only a few things that may be effective for you – for example, we’ve heard people use tea bags, Melissa, lemon balm, ice, cider vinegar, eucalyptus oil, pro-biotics, anti-viral creams and propolis ointments.

Our aim

We want to make sure that you don’t waste your time and money on natural treatment methods or expensive pharmaceutical products that don’t give you any real benefit.

By collating the science together with the experiences of ourselves and our readers, we hope to provide an important resource for any person who is looking for success in combatting cold sores. And we know that not all treatments are suitable for all people – for example, some people are allergic to bees and honey so may not be able to treat their cold sore with propolis.

Let’s talk

Finally, we’re also here to share stories, information, offer support and explore the science on the HSV1 virus as it develops and, hopefully, one day finds a cure.

Join in on our forum to have your say. and feel free to share our information amongst your friends who may be fellow sufferers.